Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Monday-3/21

This week on Weight Watchers I struggled with getting in enough fruits and vegetables.  I need to find some more ways to eat them, because I’m not a big salad person.  Well, when I have a salad at a restaurant I usually really like it, but I’m not usually in the mood for a salad that I madeWinking smile  So, if you have any ideas, I’d love that!  I’d also love it if you would link up your favorite recipe at the bottom of this post in the comments section.  I need some inspiration! 

So, here’s what’s on the menu around here this week:

Monday:  Chicken Tortilla Soup (I never made it last week)

Tuesday:  Pancakes and Fruit Smoothies

Wednesday:  Beef Stroganoff, Green Beans

Thursday:  Mexican Beans and Rice Casserole

Friday:  Pizza Night

Saturday:  Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Sunday:  Snack Dinner

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  1. the mexican beef casserole sounds quite good


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