Tuesday, March 01, 2011



I’ve mentioned that I love my church a few times here I think Winking smile  There are  many reasons I love my church.  To me, your church should be like extended family.  It should be a  place that when you go there you feel like you’re at home.  It should be a place that you don’t have to put on your “Sunday Best” for.  What do I mean by that?  You know, when someone asks you how you are and you’re really having the worst day ever and you respond with “I’m great, how are you?”….  Yeah, I think at church you should be able to be real.  We’re all sinners and we all have problems and the point of church is to support one another through Christ, not to act like perfect people and go home and cry.  If you are in a church that you can go to when you’re in trouble and feel loved and accepted, and forgiven, please take some time this week to let your pastor and church staff know.  They work tireless hours and are often unthanked for all they do for us.  If you are in a church where you feel like you have to put on your Sunday Best, you should consider finding a church home, or consider being the change your church needs to become a home to the lost.  You really don’t even know the power of the church until you are home.  And that’s God’s will for us all.  Sometimes God says “move” and sometimes God says “work”.  Spend some time in prayer about what God is saying to you.

Anyway, our church youth had a fundraiser last night.  It was a drive through dinner thing where people drove up and got a BBQ Baked potato and sides.  The youth cooked the potatoes and delivered them to the cars.  I sat in the parking lot for a while waiting for it to be close to time to pick my kids up, just watching our youth in action.  It is sometimes nice to watch your kids (especially the teen agers) from a window and see how they are when they’re just being them.  I was filled with joy watching all of the kids in our youth group.  They are all really, really great kids.  Full of smiles, full of love.  They’re full of energy, and always willing to do for others.  I see it on Sundays when they just help out in children’s church, or clean up, or whatever without anyone even asking them.  It’s true for pretty much all the kids in our youth group.  And, truly, it’s an honor to be a part of their lives, and an honor to be part of the extended family of our church that is raising up these great kids.  So, if you’re a parent of a youth at my church- I’m talking about you, I’m grateful for you today and the impact your child has on my kids Smile


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  1. Aww, I wish I had known about the youth fundraiser. We would have come for a good meal!


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