Thursday, March 03, 2011

Making our Homes Like Heaven in 2011- Week 9, Spring Cleaning Challenge!

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Alrighty!  It’s March, and around here that means the beginning of our Spring Cleaning Challenge!  We’re going to spend the 5 Thursdays in March doing some Spring Cleaning Smile  So, what that means, is that during these 5 weeks we may have a heavier load, but we will reap the benefits at month’s end.  I hope you’re up for the challenge, and will post pictures on our FaceBook page Winking smile.

We’re going to begin in the main living area of the house.  Below is a suggested list of items that may need to be cleaned out:

Spring Cleaning- Living Room

o Do a quick pick up of the living room to get you started.

o Start top to bottom: take a broom and sweep the ceilings or use a vacuum to vacuum the ceiling. Don’t forget the A/C Register needs to be cleaned.

o Sweep/Dust/Wash the walls. Spot Clean where necessary, and wipe off the light switches and outlets.

o While cleaning the walls clean all of the pictures. Be careful not to spray cleaner on them, rather use a damp cloth so the liquid doesn’t seep behind the glass and damage the pictures.

o If you have a fireplace, clean out all the ashes and clean off the hearth.

o Clean all of the baseboards. (This is a great task for the kids!)

o Clean off any book cases, shelves, curio cabinets, remove all items, thoroughly dust, and replace items.

o Clean off the end tables. Dust thoroughly. Wipe down your lamps, and vacuum the lamp shades.

o Take the cushions out of your couches and chairs and vacuum in the crevices. Spot clean any spots that need to be cleaned.

o Move your furniture, and vacuum underneath. Take a hose and vacuum all along the baseboards and corners.

o Clean the carpets, using a carpet cleaner, or a vacuum out carpet shampoo, or a professional if necessary, paying attention to trouble spots.

o Replace all furniture.

o Enjoy the beauty of a clean room!

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  1. Ok - well I kinda did this already. We had to shampoo the carpet after the dog had an accident. And since I've got family visiting, I've been in cleaning mode. The only thing I need to do is wash the curtains.

    On another note - do I get bonus points for cleaning and purging my garage and laundry room? ;-)


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