Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Time Friday- Drive In

This week I took my older boys and some of their friends to the Drive In Theater.  It was so much fun!  We go at least once a year, but honestly I don’t know why we don’t go more often.  The kids could run around and do whatever they wanted and we could just relax.  Remember when we were kids and we’d go to to the Drive In and we’d pile as many people as possible into our car because it was only like $5 a car load?  Well, it’s not that cheap anymore, but still VERY cheap for a fun night out.  The Drive In we went to is only $5 a person and that gets you in for the night and they show 2 movies.  We brought snacks that we bought earlier in the day, so once we paid the $5 a person we were in!  We have run through Little Caesar’s before too, but we didn’t this time, we just ate dinner first.  Smile  I will tell you, we saw Battle LA which the teenage boys really liked, and some of the kids saw I Am Number Four for the second film (they didn’t really like it) and some of us saw Just Go With It for the second one, and it was REALLY funny Smile 

Anyway, as I was out with my older kids I decided we need to go to the Drive In more often.  Especially since my husband was one of the many police officers to take a huge pay cut this last week, we need something cheap to do!  I’m thinking every month or two we need to head out there.

Drive In’s are coming back all over, you can easily do a quick search of the internet to find a theater near you!

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