Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Official....

It's official... May baby is no longer a baby... He has lost his front teeth...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When do you think of yourself?

Spring Break was last week for Cy-Fair and we went camping. We went to a wonderful campground at Inks Lake State Park and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! The weather was wonderful- low 80's every day and cool at night. The only downfall was there was a burn ban in effect, so no campfire for us! That made for a different camping experience! I did miss the campfire, but I didn't miss everything smelling like campfire when we got back! So, when the sun went down we passed our time by playing board games which was made extra exciting by the potato bugs that were dive bombing us! During the day we hiked (yes you can HIKE in Texas!) and rode our bikes. One day we rented a paddle boat and floated around the lake. There were no letterboxes in the park, which was kind of a bummer, so we planted one! We came home and spent the weekend mowing the grass and cleaning up the yard from the winter. Then we sat out on the deck and built a fire in our fire pit, since we didn't get to have a fire while camping!

In other news I have pretty much decided to homeschool the boys next year. We did sort of a practice run over Spring Break and it went pretty well. Now comes the huge task of figuring out what curriculum to use and planning out our year. This will be nice to not have to jump right into school directly after Convention for Melaleuca too. I think we will wait and start after Labor Day, since I can decide that now! LOL!! I have never agreed with the kids starting in early August and now we don't have to!

Our neighborhood is continuing to go down the tubes and I wish we could move right away. I really would like to wait until my Melaleuca earnings are enough to supplement Michaels to the point that he doesn't have to work step or the extra job since he will be driving such a long distance to work.