Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Things I have learned while homeschooling...

The first lesson.. That which God calls us to do He will equip us to do. Boy this is a big one. I am so used to only relying on myself, but I have found there is a huge comfort in just letting go and letting God. I'm really trying to apply that in several areas of my life. But it seems like everything (for the most part) is falling into place with our homeschooling journey. I have met some absolutely wonderful people that I just can't say enough good things about. I have a great new friend that we go to Bible Study together on Thursdays. Oh, and that is another thing. I am finally in a formal Bible Study! Praise God! Now, if we could just get our weekends to slow down a little bit so we could go to church we would be on cloud nine! Our financial situation is rough right now because Michael hasn't worked step in about a month, and that means almost $1,000 less on his paycheck. So, I have been stressing out about it. And his dad calls out of the blue and offers to pay for the boys to go to the enrichment program! We wouldn't have asked him, and it is such a blessing that he has offered! My business is moving along, and I will be doing quite well by this time next year, but because I am taking the time out of my day to actually school the children it can't move as fast as I would like it to. But that again is a place that God will bless.

I have learned to trust my children more. And I hope they are learning to trust me more. I have always known that we get along better the more time we spend together, but I am often in awe of how smart they are, or gentle, or kind etc..

I have learned that I can stay up until 3:30 in the morning cleaning because I just don't have any other time to do it!

I have learned what strong verbs are!

I have learned that my children teach me as much as I teach them..

I am learning patience (this has never been my strong suit!)

I am learning that I love homeschooling, and my boys so far want to homeschool forever. So far, I am in agreement!