Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu Monday- 3/14


This week on WW I learned that I can quickly get caught up in stress and try to eat my way out of it.  And, I learned that it doesn’t make me feel better at all, but worse.  And, I learned that I can also just as quickly turn it around and feel better all the way around.  You know, they say it in the meetings- you’re only one bite away from turning things away.  And you are.  If you need to allow yourself a meal without any stress do it.  And then get back on track.  If you need to allow yourself an entire day without thought about food, do it.  And get back on track.  The only thing stopping you from success is your own negative self talk.  I may not show a loss this week, but that’s ok because I’m on track again and making multiple mental notes of how I feel physically, and emotionally when I’m eating good food.

Oh and my total weight loss so far (February total a week late) is 13.6 pounds!

So here it is:

Monday:  Tacos

Tuesday:  Pancakes and Fruit Salad

Wednesday:  Chicken Tortilla Soup

Thursday:  St. Patrick’s Day Feast- Irish Stew, Irish Soda Bread, and Mandarin Orange Cake (I have had the ingredients for 3 weeks and haven’t made it yet LOL)

Friday:  Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Saturday:  Burgers and Fries

Sunday:  Snack Dinner

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