Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Time Friday- Book Review- Sabbath


It’s the season of Lent, and what better time to reflect on our true Sabbath time than this?  I’ve been reading a book recently called  Sabbath, Finding Renewal and Delight in our Busy Lives, by Wayne Muller.  It is an amazing book.  He begins the book by talking with us about our lack of rest in our busy society today.  He implores us to consider that the purpose of Sabbath is rest.  And when we go to church and continue on with our busy days we don’t often actually come to a true state of rest.  We may slow down just a bit, or if you’re like me and you’re getting 4 children off to church and volunteering etc church isn’t really about rest.  It is about worship and that is very important, but it isn’t the rest that God calls us to have.  It isn’t quiet conversation with God.  It isn’t often quiet at all.  Sabbath time and a call to observe the Sabbath is mentioned numerous times in the Bible, leading us to believe it is of great importance to our God.

Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives

In this book he gives many different Sabbath practices and ideas to practice your own Sabbath time with God.

I highly recommend this book, and I have committed to practicing Sabbath time at least once a week during Lent, in addition to my regular worship time at church.  I hope you will consider the same Smile

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  1. Sounds like a great book!

    I've been trying to be more conscious of resting on the Sabbath - fighting that urge to do a load of laundry - and do more enjoyable things with my family or crafting.


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