Monday, December 31, 2012

It’s here!  It’s here!!
I don’t know whether to be nervous or excited LOL!!
(Note:  I’ve extended the sign up for the Run Streak until January 7, but you must start running January 1…  Just want everyone to have a chance to sign up!)
I decided to host this run streak in November when I was getting to the end of my training for my Half Marathon and was getting weary.   I have learned that the best way to keep running consistently is to constantly have a goal that I’m working towards.  I have learned that if I don’t start formulating that goal as I near the completion of the current goal it is that much harder to remain consistent.  So, as I was growing tired and weary with all of the long runs etc., as my body was beginning to constantly ache, as the thrill of just “getting out there” was beginning to waiver (I think these are all normal things to happen at the end of a tough training program) I knew I would need to do something.  I also know that I don’t like cold.  If I could get away with it I would never leave my house if the temperature was below 50.  Seriously.  I just want to hibernate when it’s cold LOL
So, with January approaching, and even Houston get’s cold in January, and the completion of my half marathon in December, I knew I’d pretty much take the rest of December off after the half…
Now the time has come to get back out there!
Some of my goals for this Run Streak are:
  • Get running again
  • Let go of the need to run 3 miles every time (thereby giving myself an excuse when I don’t have enough time for that)
  • Increase my endurance for consistent running (I’ve gotten really good at stopping every 3 minutes to walk!)
  • Improve my 5K time (I’ve got my first 5K of the year scheduled for the 9th of February)
  • Inspire others to run!
What if I’m new to running? someone might ask…..
It is not necessary to be a seasoned runner!  There is no distance requirement.  The goal is to lace up your shoes every day and run!  I discovered this past week that twice around my block is just over 1/2 mile.  Good to know for a day when I have ZERO time (or motivation)….  I’m sure you’ll see a workout or two with that route this coming month….
If you’re just starting to run this is perfect for you!  You can determine to run maybe 1 or 2 minutes consistently the first week and build up! 
I’m running a marathon (or other big race) this month…  what about rest days?
If you’re running a big race, or in the middle of a tough training schedule that calls for rest days you can use your own judgment on whether to run.  I would say walking on a rest day for a short period of time is ok.  Do remember, though, that distance is not an issue on this, so you could easily run to the mailbox and back to make it count…
Here are some things some of our other runners have said they want to accomplish:
“To get at least a mile in each day.”
“I need motivation”
“I've been slacking. 3 half marathons coming up so that SHOULD be enough motivation, but alas....”
“Run 10K no walking”
All great goals!  Together we can motivate and inspire each other to do great things!
Here are the sign up pages-
Don’t forget to Like Nailing Jello on Facebook!  That’s where we’ll inspire each other and check in to say, yes, it’s fine, we ran today Winking smile

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Resolutions- Looking to 2013

Well, it’s that time again.  I’ve reflected on the past year, and now it’s time to take a good look at 2013.  I’ve pretty much always written New Year’s Resolutions, and some years I’ve been more dedicated than others.  Still, though, it’s important to take a look at your life regularly and think about where you’re going and where you actually want to go…..

As my life has gotten extremely busy in recent years I think it’s more important than ever to set some goals.  It’s like a plumb line…  If you get off just a bit here, in a year you don’t even know where you are.  Resolutions are an opportunity to reset the plumb line.

As I look over my resolutions from 2012 I see some things that I didn’t really get to, and others that I did quite well.  For example, in the area of finance I did menu plan all year, and we paid off some debt, but not as much as I would have liked….  For Children, Auston is still learning to drive, and William’s belly button is still not fixed.  Neither of these things are my fault, (I’m driving with Auston, he’s just not ready yet, and William got a ring worm that delayed the surgery), but they’ll roll over to 2013 nonetheless.  Marriage:  Up until the last couple of weeks I’ve done a good job with making sure Michael has socks Winking smile….  And I think our marriage is striving quite well right now Winking smile  Friend and family: I’ve finally started doing pretty good with birthday and occasion cards in the last quarter of the year, so that will stay on the list for improvement.  There is some improvement with my mother, we’ve exchanged some nice text messages.  I’m happy with any progress at all in that area.  I didn’t do nearly as many acts of kindness this year as I would have liked, busyness took over my life.  Home Management:  The boys got their room, and the siding and fascia were replaced.  There’s still work to be done around here!  Spiritual- I’m maintaining Bible Study, but just barely as of late…  There will be some things on the list for that one, and the other personal goals of clearing out my schedule and creating time for myself…..  well…..  with the exception of my running, I’ve pretty much failed all around on that…. 

So, you see, some things get better, some things still need improvement…  Here we are at another year, so it’s time to reset the plumbline Smile

So, here are my goals for 2013:


  • Create and maintain sinking funds for various projects around the house and car
  • Create and maintain Christmas Fund
  • Move to a monthly menu planning/shopping schedule to reduce spending
  • Pay down remaining debt
  • Reestablish emergency fund (got depleted this year on emergencies)
  • Try to begin moving to a pay this months bills with last month’s paycheck system


  • Get William’s belly button fixed and circumcision done
  • Continue teaching Auston to drive, and when he’s ready get him his license
  • Help Gregory find more ways to be social
  • Find the joy in my children, and see less of the work and burden
  • Keep up with the kids schoolwork …  Don’t get behind
  • Maintain Shea’s therapy schedule and continue to monitor William for needs
  • Teach the kids to cook by having them help me in the kitchen


  • Continue regular date nights, but add some variety, spice
  • Carve a weekend away (In addition to MUD conventions)
  • Get dressed up for him more
  • Give him more of myself

Friends and Family:

  • Consistently send out Birthday and Occasion cards
  • Pray for my friends and family more specifically
  • More GNOs, maybe a Girls weekend?
  • Do at least 12 RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness) this year

Health and Fitness:

  • PR my 5K time, (I’d like to get closer to 30 mins)
  • Run Every Day in January
  • Participate in at least one race that is longer than a 5K
  • Watch my eating, cut way back on the junk food
  • Drink more water!
  • Encourage at least one person to start running
  • Start some strength training
  • Maintain my reduction of soda pops to 1-2 per month or less

Home Management:

  • Redo William’s room
  • Replace furniture (from thrift store)
  • Redo Deck (maybe a covered patio?)
  • Plant flowers
  • Get a cleaning schedule/rotation going again


  • Tithe Consistently
  • Get better about doing my bible study homework daily
  • Read at least 2 books on spiritual growth
  • Restart our home group (going to be more important than ever with our pastor retiring)
  • Be more consistent with Prayer list for DOK
  • Start a prayer journal

Other Personal Goals:

  • Make sure I have the time and money for regular massages and pedicures
  • Steal away some time for myself
  • Read at least 4 books this year
  • Craft more
  • Keep my car clean
  • Take some items off my schedule to get out of the excessive busyness cycle
  • Continue with my list of 6 daily to stay on task
  • Paint my nails
  • Wear Perfume

I have some work to do in 2013, but I think these are attainable goals.  Now that I’ve done this I’m ready to get started!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Annual Recap

It’s that time!  My annual recap of the year!  I started this several years ago, and every year I really enjoy reading over previous years….  Here are the recaps for 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008 if you’re interested….  It’s fun to look back and see what I had to say about those years and how much our lives have changed since then!

So, here’s the 2012 recap----


As time continued to fly, Shea turned 3 in January.  She is really 3 going on 30.  I remember my parents saying this about me and I know understand what they were talking about LOL…  She is really her own animal…..


In February, (February 6th to be exact), I started running!  I had no idea where it would lead me, but figured it was worth a go…  I participated in my first 5K with the intention of running a little bit of it, (I did a few before this where I walked….  If you aren’t a runner you can TOTALLY walk the 5K’s!  Just DO IT!)  Auston and Gregory went camping with the boy scout troop, and Shea didn’t want Auston to leave her home….


In March, William got braces for his ankles.  Because of the residual effects of the drugs and alcohol his bio mom took while she was pregnant he had some real rigid muscle tone.  Over time, as his muscles remained rigid it began to cause him to lose function in his feet.  To correct this, he was put in some braces that kept his feet at a 90 degree angle or more.  He also had Physical Therapy 2 times a week where they worked on loosening up his muscles.

Chenoa also came over and hung out for a day (we used to spend lots and lots and lots of time together, but our schedules don’t allow it anymore), and of course, we had to do something DIY while she was here….  So we recovered my kitchen table and turned the top into a chalk board Winking smile

With our increasingly busy schedule, we tried to enjoy any time we had at home…

I also participated in a 4 mile run called “Run 4 the Children” with Susan and Trishia.   It benefits those who are trying to adopt children.  This will be an event I will participate in annually. 

I only post this next picture to give perspective on where I have come from in my journey.  This is my first race photo….  Please excuse the flappy fat LOL



In April Shea and Will both participated in the Special Olympics with their Therapy Center.  It was really a lot of fun.

We participated in the Easter Egg Hunt that our Foster Agency put on….

Easter, though, was spent with all of us except the babies getting food poisoning and barely surviving Easter.  I haven’t been that sick many times in my life.  If it wasn’t for Grego the Easter bunny probably wouldn’t have even come!!!!

Auston and I, along with Susan and Danielle participated in the Blue Bell Fun Run….  You get all the ice cream you want at the end!  Auston and Susan did the 10 K and Danielle and I walked the 5K.  (It was her first 5K) Winking smile

At the end of the month we finally stole away for some family time…  We went to Jelly Stone Park with Michelle and her kids….  It was SO nice to get some time away!





In May Gregory got braces three days before he turned 13….  poor kid!

We made a quick trip out to Michael’s Dad’s house and the babies had their first ride on Goldie…


And construction began on the garage conversion, where the boys would soon get their own “Man Cave”….

I was elected to our local MUD board, AND the babies got baptized!  Busy, busy month!


June brought another 5K for me and Auston.  Auston had plans to place, but just missed it.  Still, he had a PR at just over 25 minutes!

The major things that happened in June, however, were Michael and Auston going to Sri Lanka on a 2 week long Mission Trip….


and Gregory going to Scout Camp in Arkansas (also resulting in the first time I didn’t go to Summer Camp with the troop..)

While everyone was gone, construction continued on the room in the garage, and Chenoa came over and we did some major projects too….


The room was finally completed in July…  Just before Mike and Auston got back from Sri Lanka…  They basically came home to a whole new house!

But within a few days of everyone getting home our dog Lady Bird passed away.  It was so hard to let her go.  I thought she was going to go while they were all gone, and I was glad she didn’t.  But by the time they got home it was clear she was ready to go.  We had to have her put down and that was honestly the worst experience of my life.  I know it was the right decision, she was in a lot of pain, and couldn’t walk at that point, but it was so very very hard.  She was such a wonderful companion to us all.

Luckily we had had Rusty for about a year, so we are now piling all of our love on to him as we mourn losing our Lady Bird…

He’s a good dog to tolerate all of our craziness……

Also in July, Michael and I celebrated putting up with each other being married for 16 years…

Also in July, Michael and I went to San Antonio for the Water Board conference.  Now that I’m on our MUD board I attend their conferences twice a year….


And while in San Antonio we visited my cousin James Williams and his family and an added treat- my Great Aunt Pat, whom I had never met before….

Mike, Me, Aunt Pat, Irma, Jim

Mike, Me, Aunt Pat, Elise, Jim

And, at the end of July Auston and I, along with Jessica completed our first Half Marathon.  It was a virtual race, so just the three of us out there completing 13.1 miles…  It was HOT….which was fitting, since it was called the “Hot Mama”….  It was harder than I expected, but we made it!

And, on the 30th of July William graduated from ECI (Early Childhood Intervention), having caught up developmentally to his peers Winking smile


In August, Michael won tickets to a very intimate concert with the Christian Rock Band P.O.D. and we had a great time!

August also brought back to school time, Auston began his Junior year in High School, Gregory is doing 8/9 grade, and the babies and I headed back to Bible Study (my 8th year of CBS) , but we did make a quick trip out to Splashway waterpark and a trip to a nearby splash park to say good-bye to summer…

Shea and Zeny playing at the Splash Park

Greg, Tahj, Auston at Splash Park

William at Splashway Waterpark…. Note Michael’s new tatoo….  GIGANTIC


On September 1, Michael’s nephew Josh and his girlfriend had a baby (early).  Baby Kynzii spent a little while in the NICU, but is home and doing great now! 

Also in September, the older 4 of us participated in the 9/11 Heroes Run to support the families of our first responders.  It was HOT HOT HOT….  But a good cause…

Auston got his braces off finally….  He was very excited Winking smile

The Space Shuttle made a quick pit stop in Houston on it’s way to it’s final destination in California….  Don’t get me started on how I feel about Houston not getting one of the retired shuttles….

And we discovered that Shea loves the ocean…

Our church had their annual “Touch a Truck” event, and we enjoyed getting to get in some different types of vehicles and enjoying a snow cone or two…. or three..

Michael and one of his buddies showed up to represent Pct. 5..


Oh, and Mikey turned 41….  Old man!


In October Michael went to St. Louis again for the Affected Coworkers Retreat that C.O.P.S. puts on.  He plans to attend every year. 

Auston went to his first Homecoming Dance with Gwenn’s kids and Erica, a friend from Joyful Sound (the choir Auston is in)

Auston turned 16….  Even Rusty told him happy birthday…

His present was a flying session with a friend of ours….  Just the two of them in the plane, and Jason even let Auston fly for a little while….  He loved it!

We spent Halloween with Michelle and her kids, as usual Winking smile


In November Jessica and I spent our birthday weekend in Galveston and participated in the “Gritty Goddess”, a 5K Mud Obstacle fun run.  We had a blast!  We’d only been planning this trip since May LOL

Eew!  Dirty!  LOL

That same day (November 3), my sister married her Husband Robert.  I couldn’t be there because they did it kind of last minute (was supposed to be in December) and I already had the Gritty Goddess planned…  I really like Robert.  I’m glad they’re married.  They are both very happy and he fits in just fine Winking smile

The next weekend Jessica, Trishia, and I , and the older kids participated in the Color Run….  Fun was had by all 10,000 people who were there LOL

I turned 38 and Michael told everyone I was 40….  FAIL….

William turned 3 and we kind of combined his birthday with Thanksgiving since they were only a couple of days apart….


Auston joined Joyful Sound (choir) at the beginning of the year, and they have a thing called “Ministry Season” which takes over the first 2 weeks of December, while they perform at over 50 concerts in these 2 weeks.  Many places they perform are lower income areas and it was really a blessing for him to be able to participate…

It’s neat to have Auston, Aaron, Bryan and Jordan together in choir.  They’ve all grown up so nicely.  Hard to believe they’ve known each other almost their whole lives….

Auston got his letter jacket for Joyful Sound…

Since the world didn’t end on December 21, as was predicted because of the end of the Mayan calendar, Jessica and I ran our second Half Marathon, but our first Official Half Marathon.  It was tough, but I feel pretty darn cool to be able to say I did it!

And the next day we participated in a 5K in Galveston- the Santa Hustle- with all 6 kids!

And we had a very Merry Christmas…

Here’s to 2013!