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GratiTuesday- 2010 a Recap

Wow... 2010... What a year! Full of ups and downs....  As the year draws to a close it's time for a recap, like I did in 2009 and 2008. It was so much fun to read over those again! So, now on to 2010!!!

January was spent mostly adjusting to having a newborn who was very twitchy about how and when he would sleep, mostly not at all, or only on mommy or daddy.  So, we took turns sleeping and  holding the baby.  We continued to chase the chick around, and she turned ONE!!!  We had a "Yo Gabba Gabba" Birthday party for her and I made the coolest cake.  Unfortunately I can't show you because it had her picture on it.  :(  We participated in our last Pinewood Derby with the pack and Gregory decided to race an old car instead of making a new one.

 Our last pack meeting as Cub Scouts :)


Andrew, David, Triston, Hunter, Grego, and Semalee at the Arrow of Light, February 6, 2010

In February Gregory had his Arrow of Light :)  He was also a Super Scouter and we are so proud of him!  We were also excited to have both boys in the Troop and only one scout entity to keep up with LOL  ;)  Also in February, one of our favorite artists, Toby Mac came in for a "Street and Greet" and the kids and I got to meet him.  It was so exciting to see my kids look up so much to such a man of God.  Michael and I also got to go on a get away weekend without any kids and my very very good friend Gwenn watched all FOUR kids for me!  It was a much needed blessing, and Michael and I were just so excited to get to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT :)

In March Gregory went on his first Boy Scout Camping Trip and first backpacking trip too!  Oh- and his first campout without a parent!!!  Lots of firsts for that boy!  Auston was there, making sure he got adjusted into the troop :)  They went to Enchanted Rock, and called me from the top of the rock telling me they were "high" LOL...  Funny, funny boys.  We didn't really do anything for Spring Break this year because we were still adjusting to our new life, and were planning two big trips for the summer. 
And Auston got braces!!!!  I can't for the life of me find the pictures.... GRRR

In April we spent Easter in Conroe, and it was the first time Michael's mom got to meet "The Goat".  The Chick really enjoyed hunting Easter Eggs, and I couldn't believe how quickly this little 15 month old picked up what she was supposed to do!  She went right to task gathering her eggs, and then when we were done went right to task eating her candy!  She's sooooooo smart....  I'm afraid...  very afraid....  LOL  :)
In May Grego turned 11...  And Oh MY...  He's quite the Tweenager :)  We also finished up school at the Encourager and it was very bitter sweet because I had made the decision not to return in the fall as a teacher.  I really miss teaching and my students, but it is the best decision for us right now... I honestly don't know how I'd fit in working in addition to everything we're doing right now....  We also went on our first camp out with the babies- to Garner State Park with the Boy Scout Troop.  Can I just say how much I LOVE this park?  They have a dance every night during the summer and the boys have SO MUCH FUN...  We're headed there again in 2011 and I'm really looking forward to it :)
In June I went to Summer Camp with the boys.  This year we went to Bear Creek Scout Reservation, out near Kerrville, Texas.  The camp was beautiful, but not organized and SO MUCH HIKING...  One of our other leaders figured out that we hiked almost 5 miles a day just to and from activities in very steep terrain.  It was hard to enjoy ourselves because of the hiking and it was SO hot.  Oh, and at night the wind would blow so hard that the platform tents would rock......  I have no desire to return to that camp.  :)
Our Bathroom Buddy....

See, I told you it was beautiful :)

Gregory leading his pack of "Rangers"

Look at that HAIR.....

Auston and his stick bug :)

Auston, Kelton, and Grant in chow line :)

The Three Stooges- Andrew, Gregory, and Hunter

Our humble campsite LOL...

In July we went to Colorado to visit the Cook side of the family.  It was truly the best time.  My Dad got to spend the whole week with all 6 of his grandkids and the cousins got to know each other.  Om and I got to watch our kids play together and with our Dad.  It was really really wonderful. 
This picture is taken in the elevator of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado.  It is the hotel where Stephen King got his inspiration to write the Shining.  It is supposed to be haunted.

We all got our Hippie on LOL
Here I am with Oma and Opa :)
Om and Tay
The boys on top of the rock they "conquered"...  This was before Zim realized he was too scared to get down LOL
El, Om, Me and Leif :)
August was mostly spend preparing for the upcoming school year, getting last minute stuff and all of the meetings etc that go along with that.  We were also preparing to go out of town again, so we were laying pretty low :)

September was quite the month for us!  School started and the business of life started.  It's our 5th year of homeschooling and Auston is doing mostly 9th grade work this year.  He and I have been surprised by the amount of it.  Gregory is finishing up Encourager and the big man on campus- 6th grade.  Mikey turned 39.........  Duh Duh Doom LOL  ;) We also participated in a St. Baldrick's event where we raised money for Childhood Cancer, by agreeing to shave our heads.  I learned a lot about my own vanity through this LOL  ;)  But, our event raised like $15,000!!!  So it was worth it for sure :)

The day after "The Big Shave" we left town for our second vacation for the year. 

We spent the end of September and the beginning of October driving across the country in the RV that Michael's Dad bought.  It guzzled the gas like we couldn't believe, but it was a LOT more comfortable and much more convenient to travel in.  We drove something like 4,000 miles in just over 2 weeks!!!  We drove first to Midland and stayed the night with the Joneses.  Then we drove into Tuscon and visited with my mom's best friend from childhood, Tevis.  Then we drove into Williams, AZ and stayed at the Grand Canyon Railroad.  We road the train into the Grand Canyon one day (something I've ALWAYS wanted to do) and drove into the canyon the next.  I've wanted to take my family to the Grand Canyon for YEARS, so it was neat to finally be able to do that :)  Then we drove to the Glen Canyon Dam in Utah and went down into the Dam, drove into Zion National Park and stayed at an RV park just outside.  Next we drove to Salt Lake City where much fun was had putting the Carter 6 pack with the Bilbrey 6 pack to make a 12 pack :)  I think staying with the Carters was our favorite part of the trip :)  While in Salt Lake we went to lunch at my Aunt Louise's and my mom and Bug and her kids and Aunt Tootsi were there.  It was surprisingly pleasant.  When we left Salt Lake we drove to Holbrook, AZ where we visited the Petrified Forest.  Finally, we made our trek home, staying a few nights in Midland and then coming back into town.  Are you tired yet?  And we did this all with the 2 babies in tow!  ;)

On top of ALL that, Auston turned 14, but we didn't have his party until after Thanksgiving!  Life is WAY too busy around here, something I plan to work on for 2011....

November marked my 36th birthday sheesh..  And our 6th Annual Bilbrey Family Picnic.  We celebrated the Goat's First Birthday in conjuction with the picnic because it would be mostly the same people anyway :)  Once the adoptions are final I may move the family picnic to the month that happens...  We'll see...  We had Thanksgiving at our house as usual, and played Bingo again for the second year in a row.  I really like that :)  We finally had Auston's birthday party too!  LOL.  He went to the Rock Gym with some friends :)

December came up on us at warp speed and before we blinked it was over.  It was a sad month for us.  Our friend and pastor, Reverend Janet Gilmore lost her battle with cancer.  We know that she got the ultimate gift- to spend Christmas in heaven, but this world got a little darker to us on December 18th.  We miss her tremendously.  She was an amazing friend, mother, pastor, woman.  After attending her funeral the Tuesday before Christmas, suddenly life seemed so much more temporary.  It made Christmas with all FOUR children that much sweeter.

"The light of Christ will shine through and through.  May the Blessings of God Almighty be felt by all who witness this miracle of faith."

All in all a busy, but good year.  I have a lot to think about for 2011, a lot of things we did right this year, and a lot of things we need to change.

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