Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. I wonder how many people actually sit and ponder what Memorial Day is about. Do you think about the men and women who are not home for the BBQ this year? Or the men and women who will never be home for the BBQ? Do you get drunk and forget all your sorrows? Do you raise a glass to the past?

The men and women of our armed forces give up so much more than the average civilian realizes. They give up time. They give up memories. They give up their bodies. Whether that person comes home or not, whether they serve at home or abroad, they give. Willingly. With little obvious reward. For you. For me. For those who support them, and for those who don't.

It's been said that we are killers in Iraq. I don't care how you feel about the war, whether you believe we should be in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or nowhere at all, when comments like this are made YOU are the killer. You are the killer of the spirit of the men and women who serve for YOU. You may not agree with where they are, but understand this. They are fighting to protect YOU. And they deserve your honor and respect.

I'll tell you something else. Today is about the military and it should be, but let us not forget the men and women of the law enforcement world who are also fighting the good fight here on the home front day after day. It was police officers and firemen who ran into the twin towers. It is police officers who deal with the scum in our country and who keep a close eye at home for those who want to harm us here.

When you've served you understand. If you haven't served, you don't.

When you have loved ones who have served you understand.

When you lose someone, you understand..... and you don't.

God Bless the USA.

Thank you God for
Ben Gillespie (US Army)
Barry Hill (Police Officer)
Jason Norling (Police Officer)
And all the others

who gave their lives protecting the people they would never meet.