Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making Our Homes Like Heaven in 2011- Week 2!

Here we are! Week 2!!! Don't worry- and don't get overwhelmed! This week will be easier than last week in some ways :)

Last week we started working on a couple of areas in our homes, we cleaned out the fridge and freezer, inventorying the items inside, we finished up all of the Christmas clean up activities, took a look at our front door, and started to work on our closet.

We also started making a list every evening of 6 things that we need to do the next day. We share them on facebook and some days we get the list completed, some days we don't. It's ok, and we still only make a list of 6 for the next day too :)

This week we're going to build on what we've started. Here are the five tasks for this week:

1. Go back into your closet and clean out the closet. There are many, many items in there that are no longer of a use to you. Commit to donate at least 20 items to a charity. The items that you do not use on a regular basis need to be stored elsewhere. Take them out of your closet. This is the place you go to start your day, and when it's in a disarray it sets a tone for the day.  Go have a look at this Closet Inspiration and visualize what to do in your own before beginning!

2. Set up an account at It's Deductible and log your donations. Be sure to visit regularly and keep track of your donations. It's free and it will help you a whole lot come tax time next year.

3. Look at your calendar and find at least 1 day in the remaining month of January that don't have any appointments. Block out your calendar on that day and purpose not to fill it up with activities.

4. Go through your list of what you'd like to do to your front entryway. Make a budget and figure out how you are going to accomplish it.

5. Go through your sock basket. Match all of the socks. When they are all matched and the laundry is done throw away the socks that don't have matches.

That's it! Little by little we're making some major progress! Don't forget to link up and post pictures on your blog for everyone to see!!!

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Together we can really help each other and succeed :)


  1. Funny, I was looking at my calendar yesterday and I have some place to be every day except Wednesdays. I'm going to continue to have that day as a "free" day for me. It may end up being a day that I do chores, but at least I'll be home.

    I like your closet idea, but for some reason cleaning out my closet just overwhelms me. But the comment about it being the first thing we see in them morning is so true. Maybe I'll just hold onto that thought and chew on it for a couple of days and that will give me the inspiration.

  2. Making my way through the list!!!!


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