Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Time Friday- The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Children

Disclaimer:Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here- I have friends who are single/divorced, and family as well- I know not all marriages survive.  This post is not meant to be a guilt trip for those of you who have a failed marriage or are single parents.  This is directed towards the marrieds out there:)

I am a firm firm believer in marriage.  If you've read my blog here or my other blog (that I don't update nearly enough) for any period of time you probably got that.  It is something that the LORD has really laid heavily on my heart.  Marriage in general is often in my prayers, and when I have a friend who is having difficulty in their marriage my heart literally hurts for them.  I have spent many many nights up through the night in deep prayer for a friends' marriage.  It is time well spent.

So this week I want to talk to you about marriage for Family Time Friday.  We all want what is best for our children, and we want to give them the moon, right?  We want to give them the desires of their hearts.  It's only natural for us to want this.  :)

Well, let me just tell you, that *the* desire of their hearts is to have an intact family.  If you truly truly want to give your children the desires of your hearts, then you will put time and effort into your marriage.  The absolute most important gift you can give your children is a strong, healthy marriage.  It just is.  It creates security.  It creates a goal for them.  It creates relationship.  Yes!  When your children are able to witness each day a couple who truly love and respect each other through the ups and downs.  A couple who disagrees, and even argues sometimes, and who still love each other afterwards, they also know that it is ok for them to be themselves with YOU and YOU will still love THEM too :)

I know sometimes it is hard to carve out time together.  Especially if you have small children.  Believe me, I KNOW!  Which is why I'm so excited about a series on another blog I read, While He Was Napping.  She is dedicating the month of January to romance!  She is calling it Ready for Romance.  She has already posted so many great ideas, and it really gets you thinking about ways to romance each other :)  When my husband and I have a hard time getting away (which is too often) I'll rent a movie from netflix and we'll either get take out or I'll make something special to eat, and we'll wait until the babies are in bed and tell the older kids we're having date night in our room and we'll just snuggle and watch the movie.  It gives us some time together.  It's not as fun as going out, but it's a lot cheaper and we don't need a babysitter ;)

So, what are some ways you try to keep the romance alive in your marriage?

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  1. Hello...first and foremost I want to thank you for your comment to my post don't know what it means..ALOT!!! Your post is wonderful today. If the foundation of the family is not there (husband and wife)..then the rest of the house will fall down. In many teachings (Focus on the Family) I have heard lately it is very important to put your spouse first, when the kids see the love between their parents they will instill that into their own lives when they get married. My husband and I do the same thing...we don't always have the ability to go out, but there is nothing like Netflix, fire and good food to make a great date night...

    many blessings, sherry

    I follow you via Networked Blogs

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. Make sure to come back in February too for the ABC's of Love. Each day will focus on a letter of the alphabet and suggest ways to enhance the husband/wife relationship. It's gonna be lots of fun!

  3. This is a great post. Our marriages are important enough to work on. My husband works at Indiana Wesleyan University and most nights he is teaching online classes. Before he comes home I "prepare" his enviroment. Clean desk, little snack and a candle. Just a litle thing, but he knows I care and appreciate how he provides for our family.

  4. I totally agree that a happy healthy marriage is a tremendous gift for our children--and for us as the married couple! Everything just seems to work better when my hubby and I are in harmony with one another.


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