Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GratitTuesday- Hyper Children

Over the weekend my chickie got really sick.  Evidently there is a nasty cold going around that likes to settle in your chest.  It settled in chickie's chest and quick!  An emergency room visit later we were home equipped to do breathing treatments.  :(  My chickie is a VERY hyper little wild child and keeps us running all the time just trying to catch up.  But this weekend she did nothing but lay on me whining and moaning :(  It was terrible.  She was so miserable and I felt so helpless I found myself in tears many times just thinking about how miserable she was.  By yesterday the goat was sick too :(  So, that is why this post is so late, and why I haven't kept up on our facebook page.  Sorry about that.  Armed with meds for the goat after our doctor visit yesterday now as I write this the chick and the goat are running around the living room chasing each other :)

I've often thought I would just enjoy a day where she isn't just bouncing off the walls non-stop.  I learned this weekend that I would not.  I'm thrilled to be chasing my chick around again.  :)

That's what I'm thankful for today, this GratiTuesday :)

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  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Oh, I too just hate it when the babies are sick. Glad yours are on the mend and hope they are completely better soon!!! Chasing each other around never looked so good...huh? Have a super evening!!!


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