Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Time Friday- Qwirkle

We have a game that my dad introduced... I've mentioned before how good he is at picking fun games....  It's called Qwirkle.
It's really a lot of fun to play.  One year when my dad came to visit he brought with him an award that he had won.  He was the Qwirkle champion amongst his Mensa friends.  Well, he brought the plaque and played my two boys a game of qwirkle for the plaque.  Would you believe that the game ended in a tie with BOTH boys winning fair and square?  How perfect was that?!  And, no, this was not orchestrated by us.  :)  Qwirkle is one of our favorite games to play, and we take it with us when we go camping, it's easy to pack because it comes in it's own storage bag :)  Sometimes when we're having a game night we'll let the Chick (who is 19 months old) play with a couple of the pieces while we play.  She really enjoys playing "with" us.  I've been thinking a lot lately about things I can do at home with her, and this game came to mind for that too.  Not that we can play it together, but it is a great thing for her to sort.  She can sort shapes and colors.  If you don't have this game, put it on your Christmas list.  You'll really like it :)

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