Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm sitting in a quiet house this morning.  My husband's back to his regular schedule (finally), so I am enjoying my first bit of morning quiet time in almost two months.  It really is amazing how this affects my day.  During the school year while I'm in CBS I spend a good chunk of this time working on my Bible Study homework.  During the summer I spend not nearly enough time in the Word, but I do usually take a bit to read in the morning.  I love my house in the morning.  I love sitting here in the quiet and waiting for the children to get up.  I love thinking about the day and what we'll do together.  It pretty much NEVER turns out how I daydreamed it would.  I love the quiet.  I turn the TV off as soon as my husband leaves and I just sit in the quiet.  Just me and God.  Oh and my furry rooster (my 15 year old cat who likes to yowl all night), who will follow me around all morning, just wanting to be with me until the business of the day starts.  Then she goes outside.  Sometimes I want to go outside with her.  I think during this time of day is when I do my best thinking.  I'm not clouded by irritations, or distractions.  I'm able to look at things with a fresh perspective and decide what is a big deal, and what isn't.  So, today, as I'm thankful for my morning quiet time, I'm wondering what you're thankful for?

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  1. I love the quiet, too. This year, my youngest goes to kindergarten and I am discovering how wonderful a little bit of "quiet" in my morning can be. :)


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