Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School

Today we go "back to school".  And on this "first day back to school" I have a LOT to be thankful for.  My oldest son Auston begins High School this year.  HIGH SCHOOL!!  Do you have any idea what this means????  I have approximately 4 years left with him!  In just 4 years he'll be headed off to college to begin his life, get married, have kids, and completely forget about his mother :(.  Ok, he'll probably not completely forget about me, but you know what I mean.....It just won't be the same.  I am very very excited about the young man he is becoming, and I really do look forward to seeing all that he does with his life.  But, a twinge of sadness sets in too.  I have many many friends who send their kids off to public school and I don't fault them for it.  Each family needs to decide what is best for their family.  But, I'm so glad that today, as we go back to school, I'm not shipping my kid off for 7,8,10 hours to be away from me every day.  I'm glad I'm not at the mercy of the institution as far as scheduling goes.  I'm glad that the majority of his waking hours are spent with me, not surrounded by a bunch of testosterone and peer pressure.  I'm glad that because he is with me more than he isn't with me I know my kid.  I mean, how is it possible to really know your kid when they spend more time away from you than with you?  For some parents that's ok.  And some parents have a truly wonderful relationship with their public schooled teenagers.  And it is ok for those parents.  Really.  Listen,  Public school isn't going to ruin your kid any more than homeschooling will.  But, for me, I count each moment of these last 4 years as my son begins to grow up and go out as a blessing.

And it helps that I really really like him.  like a lot.

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  1. It's weird being a "house-divided", but I'm very fortunate to be one of those parents who has a great relationship with her public school kid. I do know that I'll miss my eldest every day, but will still enjoy him. And, I'll still have my youngest for hours a day. (is that a good thing?? lol)

  2. It's weird being a "house-divided", but I'm so thankful that I am one of those parents who have a great relationship with her public school kid. :)

  3. So good to read and to know that liking your kids (as opposed to just loving them) happens even over time in homeschool. On my recent bad mama day, I was not so sure I liked my kids (or much of anything), but God brought me back to focus, thankfully!

    Continue to enjoy your blessings.

  4. Found your blog through GratiTuesday - it's great! Good luck throughout your school year. I have a toddler and preschooler and we'll likely go the public school route but I'm also so interested in how homeschooling families get it all done and find much inspiration from you! Thanks.

  5. each family must decide for their selves you are so right but through prayer the decision is made easier


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