Monday, April 04, 2011

Menu Monday-April 4

This week on WW I weighed in and my March total is a total of 15 pounds lighter!  WOOHOO!  THAT was very exciting!  Of course, then I didn’t journal worth a darn this week Sad smile  I don’t know why I sabotage myself…  I won’t continue, though.  And I stayed fairly active.  I also ate a lot more veggies, so that’s a non-scale victory as well!  I’m going to set a goal to walk 10 miles this week.  This will take a little more walking then I’ve been doing, so I’ll do my best.  I’m also going to take the kids to the zoo, so I’m going to have to watch my points that day, but I should get a lot of walking in, so I’ll probably be ok.  I also had a brownie AND a milkshake on Sunday, an even though I spent several hours in the garden working and earned some activity points and don’t think I technically went over my points, I do need to watch not to do that again.  If I have dessert earlier in the day I need to say no later in the day.  No reason to have 2 desserts in one day.  So that’s another goal I have for this week.  Oh, and if you’re looking for a low point yummy meal, check out yesterday’s Fish Tacos.  We won’t talk about how I ate them for breakfast AND dinner on Sunday!  Winking smile

Ok, here’s the menu for this week!

Monday:  Rotisserie Chicken, Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday:  King Ranch Casserole

Wednesday:  Mexican Beans and Rice

Thursday:  Baked Tilapia and Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Friday:  Stuffed Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries

Saturday:  Breakfast for dinner

Sunday:  Snack Dinner

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  1. 15 pounds is amazing. You can totally do this. Just erase last week and continue forward. You may be pleasantly surprised today. :)


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