Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Time Friday- Easter Activities

Today is Good Friday.  What’s good about Good Friday?  Isn’t this the day that Jesus died for us?  What’s good about that?  It is because he died for our good.  It was our sins that put him there.  Your sin.  My sin.  It is sooooo important to teach our children about this.  And what Christ did for us.  And why.

As we go into Easter weekend surrounded by eggs and bunnies let’s not forget the real reason we celebrate Easter.

One activity I love to do with my kids is Resurrection Cookies.  It’s simple and really teaches a lesson.  If you do only one activity, this would be the one to do.

I also have have a set of Resurrection Eggs that I use often with my children.  When I use them, I will spread them out over 12 nights of lessons, because each one is a long enough lesson in it’s self.

There is the Scripture Cake that I found that looks like a lot of fun…  I think I’ll do this this year Winking smile

You can make up a bag of jelly beans for the Jelly Bean Prayer.

Christmas morning and Easter morning I traditionally make Breakfast Casserole, so it’s done and there is one less thing to think about on those busy mornings Winking smile

Here are some other pages with ideas:



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Whatever you decide to do with your family this weekend, make it special, and make it about Christ.  Remember the importance of traditions with our children, and how traditions have impacted the church.

I hope you will all have a very blessed Easter as we celebrate that empty tomb!

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