Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Monday- 4/25

Ok, it’s been a Holy week of eating!  I’m very scared to get on the scale…  I think it’s bad….  REAL bad…  And today was no better, because we gave up fast food for Lent, so I HAD to have a burger, fries, and frosty from Wendy’s after Church!  Then I went to the MIL’s and ate there TOO!  And when I got home I ate CANDY!!!  Ah well.  Tomorrow is a new day and a new week.  I had flashbacks of Christmas today.  I joined WW the day after Christmas after eating an entire tin of english toffee Christmas day…  Yeah……  Here’s to a BIG loss this week!  LOL

Here’s my menu:

Monday:  Burgers, Layered Salad

Tuesday:  Hot Dogs and Macaroni and Cheese, Fruit Salad

Wednesday:  Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Fruit Salad

Thursday:  Ham, Potato Salad

Friday:  BBQ Chicken, Pea Salad

Saturday:  Left Overs

Sunday:  Split Pea Soup, Sandwiches

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