Friday, April 01, 2011

Family Time Friday-Fun with Text Messaging

I have been thinking about my older kids’ use of text messaging lately.  I know I should be watching it and I am- watching the astronomical number of texts they are sending and receiving!  But, I’m not sure there is cause for concern, because they are still functioning and accomplishing their tasks.  I also know that the majority of those texts are one word LOL….  But, in thinking about that and thinking of ways to connect with my older kids I came up with an idea that I hope to implement sometime soon.

I was thinking back to the time when they were littler and it was easier to do things to excite them.  A simple treasure hunt was SO EXCITING to them!  Well, I thought, what if I took that idea and built on it…..  A Text Message scavenger hunt!

Here’s my thought- go through the neighborhood (or whatever location you choose) and map out a treasure hunt or sorts.  However, instead of leaving notes everywhere note landmarks at each stop.  They have to find the landmark and text you something about it to get their next clue! 

You could do it at a party and divide the kids into two teams…..  It wouldn’t matter if they were in the same area because they have to figure out the answer to the clue and text it to you…..

Doesn’t this sound fun?  Let me know if you try it, and I’ll let you know when I do it with my kids!

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