Thursday, February 03, 2011

Making Our Homes Like Heaven in 2011- Week 5!

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Here we are!  Week 5!  We’re in the first week of February and it’s a bit blustery all over the United States!  Maybe over the past week you’ve caught up on some things you didn’t get done before.  Maybe you were caught up and just really focused on your pantry.  Either way, no matter what you got done, it was more than what you had done before Smile  I for one am still enjoying the fruits of my work from the previous weeks every time I walk in my bedroom and my bedroom closet Winking smile

This week I’m going to assume that a good majority of us are cooped up inside and hiding from the cold.  I hope you’ll get yourself a cup of hot cocoa and stay warm!

On to this weeks list!  I really want to hear how you’re doing on these lists!  And more than that I’d like suggestions for items for future lists!

1. Take some time this week to plan out your Valentine’s Day.  Are you planning on doing something with the sweetie?  Are you purchasing gifts?  Are you making a special meal?  Are you going out?  Sit down with a piece of paper, or on your computer and completely plan out the day.  Write out the grocery list, plan any items you need to attend to ahead to.  Are you giving teacher’s gifts?  Teachers LOVE to get a little something for Valentines Day and if you’re strapped for cash there is a TON of ideas online for homemade items.  Even a batch of cookies is a nice treat and easy to make Smile  Get those gifts done and wrapped up ahead of time so you can focus on your family on the actual day.

2.  Go back into your bedroom.  Has clutter begun to gather on the floor of the closet?  What about your end tables?  Are they gathering items again?  Does the master bath counter need a wipe down?  Be sure that the clutter bug isn’t multiplying again in the areas you’ve already cleaned.

3.  In your living room or family room take some time this week to vacuum thoroughly.  I mean move the furniture and vacuum behind and beneath everything.  Clean out your couches and vacuum inside the couch under the cushions.

4.  Do a thorough dusting of the living room.  As you are dusting take inventory of all the items you’re dusting.  Do they bring you joy?  Do they have sentimental value?  Do they need to be displayed?  Purpose to put away, or give away at least 2 items that no longer bring you joy by being displayed. 

5.  Go through your entire house with a towel and some cleaner and clean all of your light switches and switch plates.

Hope you are able to complete this week’s tasks!  Let's talk about our progress on FaceBook.  It helps to encourage each other and holds each other accountable!

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I was one of the lucky ones with beautiful weather in Humboldt County, California. I mowed the lawns on Thursday!


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