Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Time Friday-Family Shields

Something very important in a family is a sense of unity.  Does your family feel like it’s going in the same direction, or in many different directions?  Sometimes when we get really busy it can feel like we’re going in a million different directions, and it is at that time that it is the most important to know that the general direction the family as a whole is going in is the same.  Here’s an idea to bring back some unity to your family and learn a little about each other’s goals as well.

Make a family shield

Family Shields or Coats of Arms originated in England as a way of identifying different families.  They represented family unity through generations.  Here’s some brief history that you may find interesting.

You can get some ideas for inspiration by creating your own family shield or coat of arms online.  Don’t stop there, though!  Have each member of the family think about what’s important to them.  Have each come up with some sort of picture that represents what’s important to them.

Take a piece of poster board and cut it in to a shape of a shield.  Divide the shield into enough parts to accommodate the motives for your family.  Together come up with a motto, or scripture that you feel represents your family. 

Together, as a family decorate the shield with your designs and motto and hang it in a place that will be visible, and remind you where you’re headed Smile

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