Friday, February 04, 2011

Family Time Friday- Praying for our Children

Prayer is a topic that's really on my heart lately.  I know the power of prayer, I've seen it in action.  Yet, I'm ashamed to admit I don't pray often enough or consistently enough.  I pray for those in need, those in crisis, etc.  I pray regularly for my friends, my marriage, my family, my friends marriages and families, my church prayer requests, small group requests etc, but I don't really have a system.  I often wonder if I'm missing something important.  I need a journal or something.

In addition, though, I've been reading the Power of the Praying Parent, and really starting to feel out where I can do better in prayer for my children.  Our children need so much from us, and prayer is one of those things.

I also found this prayer calendar while bee-bopping around the internet the other day and I think it's such a great idea!  Each day has a different topic of prayer for your children- 31 topics in all.

Warrior sets forth 5 prayers for our sons, specifically every week, and posts them on her facebook wall.

So I'm encouraged by all of the tools available, and hope you are too.  We can take our petitions to the Lord on behalf of our children, and any time doing so is time well spent :)


  1. I completely understand where you're coming from. I, too, am guilty of not feeling that I pray enough - or only pray when something bad is happening.

    Thanks for the resources. Definitely going to check them out today!

  2. True! Prayer is so key and I know it - and yet, I don't do it enough!

    Writeroo @

  3. Thanks for the prayer calendar, very cool. I think I've told you that I've prayed The Power of a Parent prayer every single school day for 13 1/2 years now. It's worn to a frazzle! And I recently dug out The Power of a Praying Wife and have been praying them for Sam daily this year.


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