Monday, October 25, 2010

Menu Monday- 10/25

I'm doing a few things as we gear up for the holidays. The first thing I'm doing is getting out $10 a week when grocery shopping and putting it away for extra Christmas money. The second thing I'm doing it starting to buy some things here and there for Thanksgiving. I went to buy some extra cans of pumpkin last week and they were ALL OUT!!! This has me very concerned. I'm also starting to swirl around in my brain what I'll be making this year.... So, without further ado-

Monday:  Ham Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, Peach Cobbler

Tuesday: Southwest Chicken Salad

Wednesday: Chicken Dinner in the Crock Pot

Thursday:  Tacos

Friday:  Baked Potato Soup, Sourdough Rolls, Salad

Saturday:  Snack Dinner

Sunday:   Halloween Feast!  (More on that later)

Lunches:  Sandwiches, leftovers, quesadillas

Breakfasts: Granola, Fruit, Eggs

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