Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday-Still Organizing

So, as I go through the months, it occurs to me that I'm reading a LOT of books on organization etc, but am I really doing anything?  I've established that I have a goal to become organized, and over the last few months I also really begun to understand why I want to become better organized.  Perhaps that is really the best place to start?  I see the stress that my lack of organization puts on my household.  I desire to be able to find things without throwing a tizzy first because it isn't where I thought it was.  I see that it is also manifested in my children, and that really, really bothers me.  It's bad enough that I am disheveled and organized, but I want so much better for them.

So, while I don't see a lot of progress in my house yet, I am continuing to press on with One Year to an Organized Life:  It may be that some months I just read through it, and don't implement much.  But I think this is a book that you can do year after year after year.  I can see myself cycling through this book long after I have a Better Homes and Gardens house :)

Here's an update of where I am so far:  September's goals were:  Make a plan for positive change this fall, Organize your child's room and bath, create chores and consider conssequences, and revisit the concepts of time and goal setting as they apply to the busy school and holiday season.  I plan for positive change :)  I thought about the kids' room...  And I did create a chore system (I'll share more on that tomorrow), and I've considered the concept of time and goal setting and determined I just don't have enough time LOL  :)

As for October, qe went on vacation, so I am late getting to October's tasks, but I'll do better in November.  Here are October's tasks:

Habit of the Month:  Completion.  If an afghan or throw blanket gets used, it will be folded when the user is finished.  When a toy is taken out, it is put back when playtime ends.  If a board game is taken out, the pieces are gathered when it's time to put the game away.  etc...  Sounds good!

Summary:  Week One:  Develop a mental blueprint for the way you want your dining room, living room, and family room to look and function.
Week Two:  Pick and choose from the organizing solutions offered for the dining room.  Think outside the box when deciding how this room will be used.
Week Three:  Rescue the living room from a dead zone to a room filled with vital energy.  Learn to use all the storage available in the living room.  Start your shopping list.
Week Four:  With tools in hand and a well-designed plan of attach, bring order to the rooms shared with family and friends.  Move on the organizing the all-important family room and decide hosw books, media and toys will be housed here.

In case your wondering, it really is worth it to you to buy the book.  Each chapter goes through simple tasks and asks several questions that really make you think about how you got here in the first place and why you are the way you are.  It's worth reading, for sure.

If you are on a quest to become better organized, please leave a comment below and share with us what you are doing as well!  I LOVE COMMENTS!


  1. Since the boys went back to public school, I've needed to do something with their homeschool books so Tuesday I went through them, decided what could be sold and what was trash and posted them for sale. Yesterday, I worked on my recipe binder. For a couple of years, I've been printing off various recipes and just throwing them in a pile in my cabinet. Over the last few weeks, I've wanted to put them in a binder in an organized way, but just hadn't found the time. Now, that both boys are in school and I'm laid up with a bum foot I've found the time. Yesterday, I placed all those misc. recipes by category in my binder. Feel better already. :)

  2. I normally consider myself organized, but if you saw my home lately you'd laugh yourself silly. There's so much that I want to organize, but I'm so overwhelmed I just don't know where to begin. Maybe I do need to buy the book!

  3. I really really think everyone should have this book! It's really good :)


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