Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Time Friday- Chores

I'm curious.  I mean really curious.  What do you all do with your children where chores are concerned?  I've been through the gamut with mine and tried just about everything.  I swear!  It seems like if one thing works for a while, it will eventually stop working.  So we try something new for a while and then it will stop working.....

The latest thing I'm doing seems to be working well for my teenager and tweenager.  They each have 3 chores that they are responsible for daily.  One has pick up bedroom, clean guest bath, and take out the trash and recycle.  The other has dining room, living room and feed and water the pets.  These are their normal chores and we base their allowance on their performance on these chores...  Then there are extra chores that they can do if they want some extra money.  Their regular chores have to be done first, but then they can ask to do an extra chore.  I even printed out a handy dandy price list, so they can decide what they want to do, and we have an agreed price before hand :)

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