Thursday, September 09, 2010

Home Remedies


Do you have home remedies? I'm wondering what everyone else does when they have the sickies at their house. We have the sickies here this week, and it's so hard to watch the little ones be sick. They're just not themselves :( As a mom we just want to make them better FAST...  When I was a kid when we would get really sick, like chicken pox or something, my grandma would always bring us a fresh new set of pjs.  It is a memory that I really treasure.  So, when we've had those instances here, I've done the same thing.

We do a lot of rest when we're sick, and often I'll set the dvd player up with movies, or find some on netflix.  If it's the older boys, they pretty much get quarantined in their room :)  We also will take some Thieves Oil and sometimes we'll swallow a couple of drops, and often we'll put it on the soles of everyone's feet before bed to fight off the germs.

Today, I've been simmering some homemade chicken noodle soup.  There are so many good nutrients in chicken stock, I'm hoping it will be the thing to fix us up around here :)  I even tried my hand at homemade noodles...  We'll see how they taste LOL  :)

So, I want to know, what do you do for your sickies?  Leave me a comment and let's all help each other.  With cold and flu season fast approaching, it's something we should all be thinking about :)


  1. Hey Semalee,

    I found an immune booster on Iherb called Larix that seems to work really well at fighting off/diminishing the impact of colds, etc. I've also used colloidal silver some. I try to stay away from OTC stuff, but sometimes when kiddos are miserable, it's easier to use a quick fix. I've never tried the Thieves Oil - I'll have to look into that.


  2. I am happy to know you are using the Thieves oil. It sure has helped keep all of our family healthy. We use it when going out in public and keep it close by if we get any sign or symptom of a virus. Get those kiddos ready for winter...use it often as prevention. Shirley

  3. Depends on what kind of sick. For colds, we use Zicam meltaways, Cold Eeze cough drops (zinc), extra vitamin C, and Vitamin Shoppe's Wellness Formula vitamins (actually we take those every day during cold/flu season). We also do chicken noodle soup. We used to do echinacea but don't anymore....though I'm pretty sure it's in the Wellness Formula.

    If it's stomach stuff, we just do lots of water, some Gatorade and the BRAT diet.

    Here's our daily regimen in cold/flu season: multi-vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin A&D (same pill), and Wellness Formula. We drink a Danactive daily, and eat raw veggies for both lunch and dinner. Also use Listerine daily. And Purell. Lots and lots of Purell. LOL!


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