Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GratiTuesday- Change

We're in the mist of a road trip now, and I can't help but marvel in the beauty of God's creation.  Just as He didn't make any two people alike, neither did He make any two trees alike, or mountains, or rocks.  Everywhere you go there is evidence of God's diversity, from the plains, to the mountains, to the swamp, to the forest, to the desert etc.  How Awesome is our God!  Have you ever sat and marveled at that?  I heard on the radio once that "Even the trees lift up their leaves to the heavens".  I'll never look at nature the same after hearing that.  It's so true!  And just as every place is different, every day in the same place is different.

So why is that we're so afraid of change?

We live in a world that is about change.  Change of seasons, change of people, change of daylight, change of time, change of temperature, change of circumstances.  

Wouldn't it make more sense to be afraid of staying the same?  Without change there is no growth.  Without change there is no progress.  Without change there is no improvement.

Today I am thankful for change.  Thankful for the changing scenery as we drive down the road.  Thankful for my ever changing family.  

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