Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GratitTuesday- Blogging

Today what I really want to take a moment to be thankful for is blogging.  Yes, you read that right.  This blog is often another thing in a long line of things on my to-do list, and sometimes I write a better post that other times.  And I honestly don't have spare time to dedicate to it.  However, it has become quite the outlet for me, and something that is mine.  As moms we end up on the back burner a LOT...  Heck, sometimes we end up off the stove completely!  Why do we do that?  Anyway, because of my decision to be consistent with with blog I make myself do it.  And, often times, like last week for example, I am so glad I did, because I'm able to work through some things and have an outlet for my thoughts.  As I've begun to write more seriously I also have really gotten into reading other people's blogs as well.  There is such a wealth of info out there, and a wealth of healthy expressions for peoples' thoughts.

So, I'm grateful for blogging, and I'm thankful for you,  my readers today.  For allowing me to be myself through the good the bad and the ugly :)

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