Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday- Crazy December

I think I've mentioned that this has been a crazy December! One I don't care to repeat any time soon...  But, in spite of it all, I did actually manage to make homemade gingerbread for my 12 Things in 12 Months :)  I made cookies with the kids and after making it I realized there was a method to the madness with my Grandma and her decision to make the box mix for the houses.  The homemade stuff is a bit softer and doesn't hold up as well, in addition to being a lot more work.  So, I won't be making homemade gingerbread for the houses, but I am glad I made homemade for the cookies, because it does taste better :) I found molasses to be kind of a pain to work with- sticky and not agreeable.

I still haven't successfully made homemade bread....  and it's weighing heavily on my mind.  I'm pretty much always up for a challenge, and have a hard time admitting defeat....

Which is why I'd like to remind you to join in as we get ready to:

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I'd like to challenge you to consider joining in every Thursday in January as we occupy the Thoughtful Thursday with Making Our Homes Like Heaven in 2011.I'll be adding a linky, and would love for everyone to link up on Thursdays. The more people participating, the more successful we'll all be! Tell your friends by grabbing this button, and be sure to add this text to your post:

Please join us at Nailing Jello to a Tree where we're purposing to Make our Homes like Heaven in 2011!

If you have some goals for this challenge, please leave them in the comment box below, and I'll try to get everyone's goals covered during our series :)


  1. I'm in!! I linked up my post which also links back to your blog!

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Sounds great!! I can't wait :) I'll do a post and link back on Thursday!


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