Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GratiTuesday- Life Goes On

Well, it's been a long, difficult week. Reverend Janet, whom I talked about last week did pass away.  She passed away on Saturday just after Fr. D administered Last Rites.  I'm so relieved that she was able to have Last Rites, I know that was incredibly important to her.  In addition to that, between when I wrote last and now another friend's mother was put into hospice care and passed away as well.  Like I said, it's been a long, difficult week.

As a Christian I am comforted to know where my friend is now, and that she is no long suffering or in pain.  Really, I am....  It's not just words I say to talk about what a good Christian I am.....  But, in spite of that, the pain of her loss cut very very deep.  Like I said last week, I didn't want her to suffer any more, and I know she has.  But, honestly, this world seems darker without her.  Really.  I've had a hard time keeping it together.

So, I've really thought hard about what to write this week for GratiTuesday, because I don't want it to sound like lip service, and I want it to be something Janet would be proud of. 

I've been really trying to focus on the season, and the meaning behind the things we do during the Advent Season.  I'm trying to slow down a little and enjoy my kids more.  That's a tough task because in the midst of everything that happened I pretty much lost an entire week and now I'm WAY behind...

But you know what?  There's healing in the fact that life does go on.  Those of us left behind are left to continue on with all the tasks of life.  And, especially when we are grieving our loss, it's important to remember that life goes on- and not to let it pass us by.  The gift in life going on is multifaceted.  It helps us to get out of our grief and heal, and it helps to know that those we love will also have to get out of their grief when we're gone too.

So, today I'm thankful for all of the cookie plates I need to finish, and the last minute gifts I need to buy and wrap.  I'm thankful for my messy house that needs to be cleaned and laundry that needs to be done.  I'm thankful that life lives on in our children and through our legacy.  I'm thankful that I knew Janet, and that she had such a profound impact on my life.

I'm thankful that life goes on.

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