Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Time Friday- Games

As you get finished up wrapping up all the gifts you have purchased, I'm wondering- do any of them have a purpose for next year? 
I wrote yesterday that I still need to institute Family Game Night, along with other goals I had for 2010 as I think about 2011.  Every Christmas we give the boys at least a couple of board games.  They have the video games that we purchased the system and a couple of games for, but after that they have to purchase their own video games.  I will purchase board games :)  I thought I'd share some of my favorites in case you're on the hunt for some good games :)

Blokus Classics Game

Blokus:  Fun fun game that just about anyone can play.  It takes a bit of strategy, but not too much that you can't carry on a conversation while playing.  The game itself also only lasts about 30 mins or so, so you're not stuck playing for hours and hours and hours.....  Sometimes we need to remember things like this when our kids ask us to play a game.  Why not just sit with them for 30 minutes and play a game?

Qwirkle Board Game

Another game my dad introduced.  We love this game.  Even my almost 2 year old sits with us.  She doesn't play per say, but we let her hold some of the tiles and she loves how bright and colorful they are :)

Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Hilarious Comparisons

Apples to Apples:
We've played this with our home group, and the boys have played it at friends houses and youth group.  It's a ton of fun, but I will tell you that there is some adult material (politics etc), so if you have younger ones you may want to try the junior version or the Disney version :)


Of course an old stand by is Dominos.  You can play a wealth of different styles of games with dominos.

Balderdash is a bunch of fun with older kids.  The more the better. You make up different definitions for words that aren't commonly used.  This can keep you rolling for quite some time :)

ColorKu Solid Wood Puzzle

Got this for Auston a couple of years ago because he LOVES Soduku puzzles.  We play it quite often.  You can set it out and come back to it when you have a second.  It's really a lot of fun, and there are several levels of difficulty, so if you want a quick game you can pick an easy one ;)


My BFF used to play this with her family all the time.  One year for our New Year party we played it.  So much fun!!!!

Toss Up!

 Toss Up!
I put these in the stockings one year and we play this all the time!  It comes with it's own little case to hold the dice and it takes very little to keep track of the game.  It's a great pick up game when you just need a quick release.  Come to think about it, this would be a great game for a doctor's waiting room or something to entertain the kids

Mille Bornes Card Game

 Mille Bornes
I played this a lot as a kid with my mom.  It is one of my favorite games.  It's a driving game that you play with cards.  Kind of hard to describe until you've played it.  Lots of fun, for most ages :)

Sequence Game

We play this one quite a bit too, the boys really like it.  It's like card game and checkers?  Boy that's a terrible explanation!  You'll just have to buy it and see ;)

There's another game with dice I wanted to tell you about, it comes in a blue storage case, 5 maybe 6 dice.....  Ugh...  Can't remember.....  I can see it, but can't remember the name of it.  If you know what game I'm talking about PLEASE leave me a comment!!!  :)

I'm on the hunt for a couple of games for this year...  If you have one you'd recommend that I haven't listed here please tell me!  I'd appreciate it!  :)

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  1. We also always get family games for Christmas. This year I bought 5!! Looking forward to playing them with the family after Christmas.


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