Tuesday, December 07, 2010

GratiTuesday- Foster Training

I'll admit when I was called by my foster agency and told I needed to take the Emergency Behavior Intervention training before the end of the year I was irritated. Only because there were a limited number of free weekends before Christmas left and our life is sooooo busy lately and I just didn't want to add one thing more.... and because we've had this class 3 times already (it's required every year) and I felt like I could almost teach it.... and it's a FOUR hour class (which went over almost a full hour so we were in class FIVE hours).....

But....... It's a really good class. I mean, honestly a lot of the concepts this particular teacher teaches in this class are so good and I found myself being reminded of things I already knew and even having some "A-Ha" moments about where we are currently in our family. It's always good to be encouraged about discipline (in positive ways) and reminded of where you can improve for your kids. Even though a LOT of the concepts don't really apply to us because we don't have older foster children, and our biological children don't require the techniques he teaches, a lot of the crisis prevention stuff is helpful for ALL aspects of life.

So, while I grumbled about going, and the class going over put us behind schedule for the rest of the day, in the end I'm actually really thankful I had to take the class and that I got quite a bit out of it to help me be a better parent overall for my children :)

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  1. New here.
    I totally get being frustrated about adding another thing to the list of things that pile on around the holidays.



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