Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- Frustrated

I’m not going to lie.  I was frustrated when I weighed in on Monday.  I stayed within my points range for the first time since before Christmas, and I gained.  Not much, just .8, but still.   Sad smile  I know in my brain that often the results show up even 2 weeks after, so I’m trying not to let it bother me too much.  I wasn’t active last week, it was too cold, so no walking for me.  This week is looking to be much of the same, but I am trying to at least do my T-Tapp.  It’s the same problem.  My schedule is my worst enemy. 

I do have a few low point recipes on the menu this week, and I made an Apple Compote on Monday that was To.Die.For- and only 4 points!  I also need to get back into low point desserts, so that I don’t get frustrated with that and go crazy…..

  • My goals for this week are:
  • Stay within my points range again
  • Aim for 14 activity points again
  • Increase water intake
  • Better journaling…  I may need to go back to paper- make a decision on that because indecision is as bad as not journaling at all
  • Stay focused on my long range goal and how far I have come

That’s it for me this week!  Have a great week everyone!

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