Thursday, January 05, 2012

Purposeful Time With My Kids

Time goes by so fast.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it when we’re in the moment, but it really does.  I look at my kids and the pictures from the past and think to myself, “Where did the time go”.  Which brings me to another thought.  What have I done to purposefully spend time with my kids lately?  The past couple of weeks have been full of holiday stuff, so we did  a bunch of stuff- rode the Polar Express, Christmas stuff, New Year’s Party (we always party with the kids), and Moody Gardens.  But what about normal every day life.  I often find myself so busy going to and fro that I’m exhausted by the time I’m not running and I’m really not up for doing much with the kids.  ;(

As 2011 drew to a close I knew one of my goals for 2012 would be to spend more purposeful time with my kids.  2011 was a year of trying to spend more purposeful time with my husband, and it has completely changed our relationship.  (Not that it was bad before, it’s just so much more deep now).  I’m hoping to do the same with my kids.  So, on my calendar for January I have at least 2 family nights on my calendar.  I’m not planning anything big for these nights, maybe just play some games or something.  Or even do a project to fix up the house together.  But the important thing is it’s on the calendar. 

I found last year that if there is a spot open on my calendar it gets filled.  I am often gone every night of the week between taking the kids to their activities, date night, and the other things I’m involved in.  Many weeks I found myself frustrated that it seemed like I was burning the candle at both ends and doing nothing but holler at my kids.  My calendar is still full this month, but I’m scheduling in down time so that it happens.  Smile

What about you?  What do you do to keep the balance?

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  1. I'm learning to say no. We try to limit activites. I'm learning to, that it's ok to take a little time for me. It's hard -- but it's so necessary!


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