Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Time Friday- Thoughts, actions, words

“Watch your Thoughts, for they become Words…
       Choose your Words, for they become Actions…
             Be mindful of your Actions, for they develop your Character”- author unknown

This was the signature of an email I received.  I really feel like this is a powerful statement.  How often do we will things into action?  Take your marriage, for example.  If you don’t watch your thoughts the resentment bug can destroy your marriage in seconds flat.  On the flip side of that coin, the way you think about your spouse in positive ways transpires to deepened relationship as well. 

Now let’s look at this with our kids…  If you are constantly thinking that your kid is lazy, then those words will come out of your mouth, and then the child believes it and they become lazy….  If you think of your child as incredibly kind, that will transpire as well.  I’m not saying to have unrealistic thoughts, or even expectations.  Just remember, that your children know what you think about them, and for me, I want my children to know I think the best of them.  It helps them to develop their character.

For myself, I can have the same power.  If I look in the mirror and think to myself about how fat I am all the time, next thing I know I’m saying I’m nothing but a fat girl, and then I’m becoming that fat girl that I thought myself to be.  Or, incompetent, or insecure, or unreliable, unable to be on time…  the possibilities are endless…  And, if I think to myself things like, “I am a beloved child of God, perfect in his sight, and dearly loved”, I feel that love and then I leak that love out to others…

Remember the song, “Be careful little children what you see…  Be careful little children what you see…  For your Father up above is looking down in love, so be careful little children what you do…”

Or another thing I tell my kids- “Garbage in, Garbage out”..  meaning they need to guard what they let into their hearts and minds, because if they put garbage in, garbage will come out.

These are all good reminders for how we relate with our kids, but also good reminders for how we relate to our spouses, our friends, and ourselves.

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