Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu Monday-10/24

Well the lack of walking and, let’s be honest, general off plan behaviors of mine did show up on the scale last week.  I’m not totally sure how much, because I figured since I was already going to be up this was the perfect opportunity to switch to my winter weigh in wardrobe, which includes a pair of jeans.  So, my weight was up 4.8 pounds, but some of that was the jeans.

I read somewhere this week that exercise only accounts for about 10% of our weight loss success, which, when you think about it makes sense.  If you go to the gym, or work out and then eat crap you really don’t have much success.  The article said that healthy eating accounts for 80% of your weight loss.

I recently started T-Tapping and the book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes claims that you don’t have to diet to have success.  I agree with the statements in the book about lean muscle building up your metabolism, but I do not agree that you do not have to diet.  The testimonials that claim weight loss was achieved without dieting later admit that they cut out most junk food.  Well…….  That probably had some effect on your weight loss!  Winking smile I do like the workout, and think it is beneficial, especially as we are in the busy time of the year with school and the holidays approaching!  So, I’m going to order the DVD’s of the workout today.  The workout is laid out for you completely in the book, but I think it will just be easier to pop the video in than try to fumble through the pages.  And, I’m trying to eliminate my excuses Winking smile  One other cool thing is if you buy Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutesfirst, you get a one time coupon for 30% off a purchase from  In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not being paid for this advertisement LOL  I just think when we work together we help each other Winking smile

Ok, so my goals for this week are: 

  • JOURNAL (I have gotten off track with this and need to get back ON track)
  • Work Out at least 4 times this week
  • Get 5 Fruits and Veggies in every day
  • Pay attention to my water intake Smile

Here’s the menu:

Monday:  Tilapia and Artichokes

Tuesday:  Date Night and Totino’s Pizza for the kids Smile

WednesdaySouthwest Chicken Salad 

ThursdayCauliflower Cheese Soup, Rolls

Friday:  Drive Thru night, boys have to be in 2 different places around dinner time ;(

Saturday:  Beef Nachos

Sunday:  Going to a Birthday Party, so I don’t have to cook Smile

I’m also going to make up a batch of Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup to help keep me full during the week and help with my veggie intake Winking smile

And, finally, I’ll drink lots of Smoothies.  If you haven’t tried my Green Smoothie yet, you really should!  My Weight Watcher’s Leader put it in her newsletter and EVERYONE loves it!~  Really!  Smile

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