Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GratiTuesday, Book Review and a Giveaway!


Recently I was given a copy of Max Lucado’s new book, God's Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yoursto review on my blog.  I was so excited at the opportunity to review this book, because I really, really enjoy Max Lucado Smile

At first glance of the book, I was not disappointed at all.  As I expected, the book is very easy to read, and grabs you in right away.  The book is a collection of stories of things that have happened to people, and how those stories intertwine with God’s Story.  The purpose of the book is to help you, as the reader to be able to relate the seemingly insignificant things, or maybe even the tragedies of your life into the “Bigger Picture”.

Reading this book has really changed the way I’m looking at life.  And isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing in the first place?  As Christian’s, we are called to keep our eyes not on earthly things, but on the things of heaven.  We’re called to focus on our inheritance, especially in times of trouble.  And, for me, this has helped me so much during trials in my life.  God has a story for all of us.  He has the ultimate story, we are all a part of a great story, a novel of history.  And our life, is just a page, a chapter, a lesson in the great story of time.  When we’re able to take our eyes off this small piece and see it for what it is, it gives our lives purpose.

There are days when it seems like nothing I do matters.  Nothing significant happens in my day, it’s just the normal hum drum of laundry and dishes.  Most days, I’m very grateful for these sorts of days, because there isn’t a crisis Smile  But, sometimes I wonder- am I doing anything significant in this world?  Yes, the answer is yes.  The story of my life intertwines with God’s Story in ways I never really considered.  And why haven’t we considered them?  Do we really think the people of the Bible, especially those in the smaller stories of the Old Testament thought their lives would have eternal significance?  Probably not.  Yet they do.  Their lives mirror ours in different ways at different times.  Seeing the fulfillment of God’s plan in their lives helps us to believe there is fulfillment in our own.  It gives us hope.  And, that is what the purpose of this book is as well.

I hope reading my review has encouraged you to go buy the book.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have read it. 

And…….  The kind people at Zondervan have provided a copy for me to give away to one of my readers!  Here’s what you need to do to be entered in the drawing:

  • Commit to writing a review/ His Is Mine story and linking to Nailing Jello- 5 entries
  • Leave a comment below with why you are interested in the book- 1 entry
  • Leave a comment/ post on our facebook page with why you are interested in reading the book- 1 entry
  • Advertise the giveaway on your blog/facebook page- 2 entries

I’ll draw the winners for the giveaway next Wednesday and announce the winner in Thursday’s post Smile

Good Luck!

If you’d like, you can read an excerpt here Smile

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