Sunday, September 04, 2011

Supper Sunday- Green Smoothie

Did she say green?

Yes, I said green..


Yep.  And it’s yum.  I promise!


Green Smoothie
Makes 1 Serving, 4 Points+

2 Cups Cold Water
1 Cup fresh spinach leaves
1 Package Vanilla Smoothie Mix from WW
2 Teaspoons Healthy Oil (I use Safflower because of it’s health benefits)
2 Cups Frozen Fruit

Place all ingredients in blender in this order, and blend until smooth.  I promise it doesn’t taste like spinach…  or oil.  I eat/drink one of these almost every day.  I count 3 F/V servings for it, 1 low fat milk, and my 2 oils Smile  Great way to start off with your good health guidelines Winking smile  Try it- You’ll Like it!  (Yo Gabba Gabba)


  1. What is your favorite fruit to mix in. I just cut up a fresh pineapple and i think spinach/pineapple might be nice.

  2. What fruits do you like to use? I just cut up a fresh pineapple and think spinach/pineapple would be nice.

  3. I just buy the bag of mixed frozen fruit... I do like the ones with pineapple better, there's a dole one at Sam's and Target that has strawberries and pineapple and some other stuff, maybe mangoes? I like that one the best, but I just use whatever I've got :)


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