Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday-Sick

I’ve caught a cold, or a flu, or something.  At any rate I feel pretty generally awful Sad smile  I was laying in bed thinking about how awful I felt and feeling a little sorry for myself, when I was reminded that we need to go through valleys to appreciate the mountaintop.  I haven’t been sick in quite a while.  I use Young Living Oils and any time I get the slightest indication that I’m getting sick I down some Thieves Oil and all is well in my world.  Well, this time I ended up getting sick anyway…. 

I don’t think I ever take being well for granted, especially since my healing…  but sometimes I think we get sick to give us mandatory rest time Smile  So, even though I feel a bit better today (after sleeping almost 13 hours straight) I’m going to stay home from Bible Study and rest some more.  I might have to run the littles to the doctor, and I think I have to go to the grocery store….    But I’m going to keep it low key today, and try to appreciate the time to rest Smile

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