Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GratiTuesday- New Size for Life

I have a friend who goes to Weight Watchers with me and is my walking buddy.  She started out smaller than me, so as we have now both lost a good bit of weight we’re not fitting into our clothes anymore.  Well….  She came by last night and gave me some of the clothes that she no longer fits into…  They’re size 14 and THEY FIT!!!!  I’m so excited!  It’s always fun to get new clothes.  And, I’ve never cared whether my new cloths were actually “new” or “new to me”…  But I DO care that they are a smaller size!!!!

I also got some new bras in the mail that I had ordered from Bare Necessities.  They are the only place I can find my size of bra for a decent price.  For those few men who read my blog, you can stop reading now…. 

Ok….  Is it just us girls now?????

I wear a 34 DDD, and it seems the retailers think 2 things.  If you’re a 34, you’re not a DDD…  And if you’re a DDD you’re not interested in cute bras, you just want an over the shoulder boulder holder.  I have, in the past gone to specialty bra shops in the area, but end up paying close to $75 per bra that way.  I just plain can’t afford that.  I love Bare Necessities because they have every size known to man (literally), and their prices are good.  I got 3 bras for less than $55 shipped!  Smile  And they’re cute too!  Winking smile

So, today, I’m thankful that I’m in a different size – a smaller size – which means I need new clothes and new bras Smile

I can’t believe I just broadcasted my bra size to the world……….

FYI- I was not compensated in ANY WAY for my endorsement of Bare Necessities.  I just love the site Winking smile

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