Tuesday, November 02, 2010

GratiTuesday- November

Wow...  where has the year gone?  I swear just yesterday it was Spring!  I love Fall.  I love pretty much everything about it.  I love that the days are shorter.  I love that most people hunker in more and spend more time with their family.  I love the traditions that happen in the fall.  Don't tell my husband, but I even love the sound of football on the TV (only because it is a big part of fall in our house and makes me think of Thanksgiving)...  I love Thanksgiving, and I love Black Friday shopping.  I love thinking about the ones I love and figuring what to get them for Christmas.  I love the change in seasons in the church, when we switch into Advent and wait on our Lord.  I love All Saint's Day, November 1st.  I love celebrating those we've loved and lost.  Maybe I really love November because it's  my birthday?  I love that we have a family picnic every year in November and invite all of our family and friends out to spend a day with us.  (We're on the 6th annual one now!)  I love the cooler days, but that's not to say that I don't like the hot weather, because I do...  :)  I do love that it is typically cooler here in Texas, but not freezing...

Mostly I love November for all that it contains!  November is a busy month, full of many traditions, and every family is different.  Our family is different from the one I grew up in, and the one my husband grew up in, and that's perfectly ok too.  This year will be different than last year (we do have another child), and I look forward to that.  I look forward to what will be the same too.  I take comfort in our traditions as much as the kids do.  And I can't wait to make more memories with them.....  And my husband.....  :)

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