Friday, November 19, 2010

Family Time Friday- Birthdays

We had a birthday in our house this week and we're having the party tomorrow. Well, we're having our 6th Annual Family Picnic and featuring the birthday with it- mostly because it's all the same people who would come to both :)

6 years ago Mikey asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wanted a party where everyone brought their family and just hung out at the park for the day. We have really great weather most of the time in November, and this year is no different- supposed to be 73 degrees!- so I thought it would be nice. Six years later, we're still doing it :)

This year we're celebrating a very special kiddo... and this post is about birthdays!

One of the things I started when the boys were little is I would write them a letter every year on their birthday. I'll admit over the years I haven't gotten a letter written every year, but I hope they'll appreciate the ones I have written. I sure do like re-reading over them :)

Another thing I try to do is make their day special all day long. Like for breakfast on this particular birthday we had Mickey Pancakes, because we watch Mickey's Clubhouse every morning around here :)

And I always make a special cake...  I've made quite a few over the years, and have taken cake decorating classes just to keep up with my kids' expectations LOL...

And, finally, we have a "Birthday Plate" that only the birthday person gets to eat off of on their birthday :)

I'd love to hear what the rest of you do to make birthdays special :)

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    we do now!!! Love the cake!

    Jones cubed


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