Friday, November 12, 2010

Family Time Friday- Black Friday

Black Friday is in 2 weeks!!! I'm so excited. I never used to shop the Black Friday sales until a few years ago. Once I went once I was hooked!!! Then about two years ago I found a website that actually gets the ads ahead of time and scans them in. They have a page for the ad scan and the deals listed in text on another page. They also email you when there is a particularly good deal they have come across, or lately the stores have started "Pre-Black Friday Sales", so they email you all of that info too!!!  Black Friday.Info is my go to place to start formulating my plan!  Of course there is nothing like the actually ad in your hand, so I rescan everything Thanksgiving night with my husband and we formulate my plans together.

I've had a hard time trying to figure out what to get my older boys for Christmas this year.  It seems, that they are spoiled rotten and already have everything!  LOL  ;)  Well, as I've been scanning the ads as they've been posted I've gotten a couple of good ideas that I'm going to try to make happen on Black Friday :)

I also am getting older *wink wink* and am getting a little forgetful in my older age, so I've devised a system to keep track of the gifts.  I started a page in my OneNote Notebook that I listed everyone I'm buying a gift for and what I'm getting them, whether I've purchased it or not and whether it's wrapped.  This way I can keep track of where I'm at and shop a little early when I see things are on sale.  I am also shopping for people with more of a purpose, which I feel better about and saves me time.  :)

Last year when I started this list in the computer (which, by the way allows me to password protect that page so not even my husband can see it) I also started wrapping presents as I bought them.  Have you ever bought something and then hidden it, and when you went to do your mass wrapping couldn't find it?????  Yeah....  We've had lots of Christmas presents for the kids turn into Easter presents over the years LOL...  Well, no more of that!  I already have a nice stack of presents on my dresser wrapped and ready for Christmas, and I even know what's in them because it's in my electronic brain- my OneNote file!  WOOHOO...  I'm finally getting this down!

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