Friday, November 05, 2010

Family Time Friday- Thanksgiving Traditions


Today I want to talk about Thanksgiving traditions.  I've talked a lot about traditions lately and how they affect your kids.  I've talked about how children take comfort and security in them.  So, I'd like to open up and share different traditions for Thanksgiving so we can all help each other grow.

The food---  Of course, we all have certain food that we eat.  Turkey is the main attraction, but we all have our own side dish (or pie)..  (or both) that is a favorite of ours...  At my house, I always have to make "Frog Eye Salad".  It's a dish my grandmother would make for special occasions, and when we have it, it feels like Grandma is right here with us.  I'll share the recipe at some point for you....  My dad has to have Sweet Potato casserole...  I'm sure there's a certain item that is your favorite too....

The ambiance--  Some people have very formal Thanksgiving dinners, others more casual.  Growing up we had a pretty formal dinner.... and football was not spoken of- in fact it was kind of taboo...  I think because the men probably wanted to watch it and the women didn't....   Now football is a big part of our holiday...  Probably because my husband is a big Cowboys fan...

The activities--  One of my friends gave me an idea to play Bingo.  We did it last year after we were done with dinner and it was a lot of fun!  I'm so glad she shared that with me!  I just got some little items from the dollar store for prizes..  Christmas socks, candy, and some things for the adults too...  I'm going shopping this weekend for our prizes :)

The decorations-- I have a friend who is making turkey feathers and writing what they're thankful for throughout the month of November to display on the turkey display she has made...  We've made turkey handprints, displays, etc...  Get the kids involved- it gets them excited :)

Whatever you do enjoy the holiday for what it is- a time to give thanks for all of our blessings!


  1. We have the traditional dinner, but we eat very early -- like 2pm. Then we usually nap as a family and then go for round #2 around 5pm.

    My favorite is that the day after Thanksgiving, instead of shopping during Black Friday, we go to the local Toys for Tots drop off and drop off toys that we've collected over the past few months. We teach our girls that the giving is more important than the buying (ESPECIALLY on Black Friday!)

  2. Great idea Jennifer! We eat early too.... Because we're starving from smelling it cooking all day!


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