Tuesday, June 07, 2011

GratiTuesday-Pride and Joy

My family spent Memorial Day weekend in Midland, TX, where we went to celebrate our niece’s graduation from High School.  We are so very proud of her for all of her achievements, and so glad that we could be a part of her life.  My husband’s brother has only one child, our niece, and we’ve worked really hard to be active parts of each others’ lives even though we live a little over 500 miles apart.  Several months ago Calley (our niece) said of Auston and Gregory (our older boys), “They’re more like my brothers than my cousins”.  Success!  That’s exactly what we have been going for all of these years as we’ve vacationed together and visited.  Royce and Jan have always worried a little about Calley not having any siblings to be there with her as they age, but she does!  Smile  And, we’re thrilled that our 4 children have such an amazing person to look up to!  It is so great to watch my older boys who are in and nearing high school look up to Calley with all she has achieved so far.  She’s not your average high school graduate, and I’m glad that’s what my kids are trying to model.

Calley graduated in the top of her class, left a few days later to do a research internship at MD Anderson for the summer and she will arrive at Baylor University this fall on a full ride scholarship.  She’s talked about cancer research for most of her life and she is now working diligently to achieve her goal.  She plans to come back to Houston for her Masters after graduating Baylor.  Nope, not your average High School Graduate.

I really can’t express how proud of her we are Smile

What are you grateful for this GratiTuesday?

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    We were so glad that you guys played such a big part in the celebration! It went very well and we couldn't have done it without you! And thanks for making us a part of your big day on Wednesday! Being together in times like these create memories that last forever. We love you guys so much!!



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