Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Time Friday- Cozi

I’d like to share a free online tool I’ve started using with you.  It’s called Cozi and you can keep your to do lists, calendar, journal, shopping lists, etc in there.  There’s even an app for your phone so you can access it on the go as well.

You can assign to do lists to other family members, or create multiple lists for yourself.  In my Cozi I have To-Do lists for everyone in the family, and then for myself I have several that I work off of:  Weekly To Do List, Daily Routine, My actual To-Do List, My list of things I want to do for the kids, for the husband.  You can also import other online calendars, so if you follow FlyLady, for example, you can import her calendar, or you can import a calendar that tells you when new movies are released etc.

If you haven’t tried Cozi yet, I highly recommend it!

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