Friday, July 30, 2010

What's in a name

It's been raining here.  And Raining.  And Raining.  Did I mention rain?????  My backyard is now a state sponsored grassland and a habitat for new species that they didn't even know existed- until now.  Glad we could be of service to the great state of TEXAS!  :)

So, what do you do with 4 kids in a very tiny house when it just won't stop raining?  Crafts!  We recently painted the Chick's room, and since then I've had an idea in my brain of their names on their walls.  So, today I finally got to Hobby Lobby and got the letters and paint and the 4 kids and I sat at the table and painted the letters, which will go up in the babies' rooms.  Even the chick painted~!  Yes, my 18 month old painted the "S"....... and the table..... and her lips...... and her hands..... and her cup..... and....  Oh  - sorry!  I got distracted for a second..  LOL  I wish I could show you how they came together on the wall, but that will have to be a post for after the adoption.  For now, just imagine- and go buy your kids some letters and paint.  It was really inexpensive and it turned out WAY cuter than I thought it would!

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