Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Time Friday!- Making Cookies

Monday I had the pleasure of making cookies with the chick.  She's 18 months old and in to EVERYTHING....  But, one thing she really likes is to mix....  She takes random bowls and spoons and "makes" all kinds of things.  I noticed this a lot while we were on vacation, and decided to make cookies with her when we got home.  So today I finally did, and while it didn't go all peaches and roses, it was still fun.  I really look forward to making more with her and I really look forward to when she's able to actually help in the kitchen.  What a blessing!  I've always cooked with my boys too, but there's something very special about mom and daughter in the kitchen.

And they turned out Yummmo...

Oh, and I put the balls of dough on wax paper in the freezer and froze them, then transferred them to a bag, and only baked what we'd eat today :)

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